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So you need a survey...
The most common surveys for homeowners are:
  • Property Line Stakeout
  • Certified Plot Plan
  • Condominium Conversion
Home owners usually request a  property line stakeout when they are doing a landscape project, or installing a fence, or widening a driveway.

Home owners usually request a  certified plot plan when they are planning an addition to their dwelling, whether it 's adding a second floor, dormers, bumping out another room, or adding a deck.  All of these will require a certified plot plan.  Each town has their specific requirements, and we can meet or exceed all of them.

Other services required a little less frequently are:
  • Topographic survey, showing details of what is on your property, including   elevations and contour lines.
  • Subdivision plans, or lot line adjustments and Approval Not Required (ANR) plans.  These plans deal with creating new or adjusting property lines.

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