Certified Plot Plan

This is the plan that you will need if you plan on adding an addition to your house or building a deck or shed in your back yard.

Property Line Stakeout

Survey necessary to install a fence, landscaping, or a neighborhood dispute. We install boundary markers along property corners to make it very easy to distinguish the lot line.

Condominium Conversion

Needed for converting a building of single ownership into two or more ownerships. We prepare site floor plans and calculate all the areas necessary for your attorney to write a master deed and record your condominium.

Site Plans

This survey is needed for sites that are developed from scratch or if extensive remodeling is needed. Our site plans include all the existing conditions including the above and below ground utilities and topographic information.

Permanent Monuments

If you’re looking to add permanent monuments, a granite monument is a preferred way to preserve a property survey over iron bars.

Elevation Certificate

The government is constantly reworking the Base Flood Elevation for the United States, and on occasion, a property that has never been in a flood zone will be changed into one. In order to not be required to purchase flood insurance, an elevation certificate is needed. We take care of this for you and provide all the necessary paperwork needed for you to file and remove your house from the flood zone.

Mortgage Inspection Plan

This is a survey that is requested by a lender and is intended to demonstrate that the house you’re purchasing is located where it is supposed to be without any zoning issues.

ALTA/ASCM Land Title Surveys

An in-depth survey showing all encroachments, contours, buildings, improvements, above and below utilities. This plan is used by the title insurance company to write a policy to the title of your property.

Land Court Surveys

This plan includes a Petitioners plan, and the court has a manual of instructions that a surveyor must follow to prepare this survey to be submitted to the court for adjudication of the property line. Once these lines are established by the court, they cannot move without filing for a subdivision plan with the court.


Plan needed for the division of a lot, tract, or parcel of land into two or more lots, sites, or other divisions of land for the purpose of sale or of building development.